First Bumrose Slave Auction

Hello dear sexy bums,

It’s time again for a new event at Bumrose Marina. On 6th feb. 11 AM PDT/SLT there will be a slave auction event on our party island. Anyone that would like to take an active part as slave should fill out the attached notecard and forward it to Wyland Greene. Proceeds of the auction will be split 50/50 between slave and hosts. It will be a live auction on block with bid times of around 15-20 minutes per slave.

Look out for this statue in our marina to recieve further information!



Dona ♥ Eve


First “Shake-Your-Bum” Party!

Hello dear Bumrose bums, Edenauts and friends!

We would like to say thank you for having a great time at our first awesome “Shake-Your-Bum” (or as my wife Evelyne said: “SHAKE DA BUUUUUM”) party at the Bumrose Marina!

It’s been a while since we had this great party, but it took a while to set up the blog and prepare the pictures, ooops!

But better late than never!

Here are some impressions for you, enjoy:



Finally some more pictures of a cute and sexy couple that made our first party even more special:

Shay ♥ Mano



And last but not least: Special thanks to our awesome DJ Tini, what a great set!



We hopefully see your cute bums next time!

Evelyne ♥ Dona


Bumrose Blog, yay!

Dear Bumrose bums and friends,

we finally managed to set up a tiny cute blog for our Bumrose Marina. We would like to use it to announce parties, events mainly, or post some pictures! Warning: They could be a little bit naughty as well, ooops!


Stay tuned!

Evelyne ♥ Dona